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CA Contractors License Number: 568647


To find out if the contractor you intend to hire is really licensed, I urge you to contact the California State Contractors license Board, their phone number is 1-(800)321-2752, or click here to visit the CA State License Board website. Here you can verify a license number, check workers compensation and bonding history, and most importantly check the personnel list at the bottom of the page. This will show you who the qualifying is and what their qualifications are.

Once you have established that the company and the qualifying individual are in good standing, it is a good idea to verify that the individual with whom you are signing a contract is actually the qualifying individual. You will be amazed at how few people are who they say they are, and are legitimate. Many individuals actually use other contractor's license numbers frequently.

Contracting without a license is only a misdemeanor, and the maximum fine that can be imposed by the Contractors State License Board is $4,500. Further more, the Contractors State License Board cannot require an unlicensed person to make repairs or restitution.

If you get preliminary lien notices from subcontractors and material suppliers shortly after your job starts, don't panic. The law requires them to furnish these notices to alert you to those persons who have worked on or have supplied material to your job and might have lien rights.

If you do receive a preliminary lien notice make sure you receive the proper lien release for all partial payments and especially for your final payment.

Does your contractor have liability insurance? "Certificates of Insurance" are supplied to at no cost to all persons doing business with an insured contractor, by their carrier. Request that your contractor send you a "Certificate of Insurance" from his liability carrier as well as from his workman's compensation insurance carrier.

It is against the law for a contractor to ask for more than 10% of the total contract, or more than one thousand dollars, which ever is smaller, in advance of starting their work or delivering materials to the job site.

Click here to visit the California State Contractors State License Board

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