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Exterior Paint Preparation

Pressure Washing

Note: All mildew is pre-treated with a bleach and water solution. This will destroy mildew and remove stains caused by mildew.
Pressure washing is the process in which we clean your home prior to any actual preparation or painting on your home. This process is necessary to remove any build-up of mildew, mineral deposits and/or dirt that has collected since your last painting.

The removal of these contaminants is necessary to ensure proper finish coat adhesion. Pressure washing also completes some of the preliminary removal of loose and peeling paint. However, pressure washing is not a substitute for scraping and sanding, which must be done by the painting crews.


Preparation includes all activities done to a substrate prior to the application of the finish coat. Scraping to remove loose and peeling paint, sanding bare wood areas to allow for adhesion, caulking of cracks and construction seams and priming of bare wood are all necessary steps in proper preparation.


When painting a home it is inevitable that there will be some overspray and it is necessary to take the proper precautions to avoid getting overspray on unwanted items. We thoroughly mask all areas not intended for painting such as windows, doors, light fixtures and decks.

Siding and Soffits

Siding and soffits are typically painted first. The application process is key to a successful paint job. On large expanses of siding, paint is typically applied by utilizing a spraying application; however, it is necessary to back-brush or back-roll the paint to ensure the best possible adhesion and protection.

(Note: for all stain applications a back-brush is necessary to achieve proper penetration and adhesion.) Second coats of paint can be applied via a "spray only" application to increase the "mil" thickness of the paint coat. This process is utilized to prolong the longevity of the paint job. However, this process can only be done after an appropriate first coat has been applied.


Trim painting is typically performed last. Trim items such as windows, doors, doorframes, fascia and decorative trim boards are typically painted by hand with a brush and/or a trim roller.


Deck refinishing is also a multi-step process. The first step is to strip the deck of graying and decaying wood. This is accomplished by pressure washing the deck using detergents that chemically strip the deck. The chemicals used will not harm your delicate foliage. We then treat the deck with a transparent wood preservative to prolong the life of the wood and to accentuate the natural hue and grain of the wood. A deck may splinter if the wood has started to decay. We can drum sand the deck to restore and level the surface before applying the finish coat. Deck floors should be rinsed and recoated every 12 - 24 months depending on sun exposure.


Our clean up is a very thorough process in which we restore your home and yard to the way it was found. All masking is removed from your home. Patio furniture, plants, downspouts, shutters, and all other items moved during the painting process are replaced to their original position. We will also leave you with a small quantity of each of the products used in the event you need to match the paint for future projects or small touch-up issues. Finally, we remove all of our equipment and garbage to leave your property the way we found it when we arrived.